How to wipe laptop windows 10? Guide step by step 21102022

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How to wipe laptop windows 10?

Your laptop’s operating system is one of the most important parts of your laptop. It contains all your personal data, programs and settings- so you need to protect it at all costs. Windows 10 has several built-in security features that make your data inaccessible to strangers. You can use these security measures to keep your data safe and prevent accidental data loss.

How to wipe laptop windows 10? Guide step by step 21102022

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First and foremost, you must ensure that no one can access the data on your laptop. Every user has the potential to make accidental deletions, which can make your data unreadable. You must wipe Windows 10 safely and permanently to ensure that nobody can access it. There are several ways to do this, and you have to choose the one that works best for you. Here are a few methods you should consider:

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1. Erasing Data with a Passcode: Most laptops have a passcode that users cannot access. This is a great way to lock out unauthorized users from accessing your data. You only have to enter the passcode once to lock out everyone from accessing your data. Plus, if you ever forget the passcode, you can reset it and keep your data safe and secure.

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2. Using Multiple Passwords: Most people use only one password for their devices. This makes their data vulnerable to hackers and careless users. You can fix this problem by creating multiple passwords for your Windows 10 account. Doing so makes it impossible for anyone to gain access to your account without knowing your password.

3. Using a Firewall: Your internet connection acts as an open door for hackers and data thieves. You must use a firewall to close all the doors and prevent anyone from accessing your data. This is easy if you use a VPN; but if not, there are free options available online.


Protecting your laptop’s OS is an essential step towards preserving its value and keeping it functional. Regular OS reinstalls speed up computers, making them more secure and stable in daily use. Additionally, wiping Windows 10 ensures that no unauthorized person can access any of your personal or company data on it. Therefore, choosing the correct method of OS destruction is crucial in today’s digital world!

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