How to mac filter wifi? Detailed instructions A-Z 21102022

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How to mac filter wifi?

Wifi filtering is a useful security feature that can be found on many home and office networks. It allows parents to limit how much time their kids spend online. Wifi filtering is also useful for adults who spend most of their time online and want to limit the amount of time they spend online. It’s also great for households with children who are prone to online safety issues.

How to mac filter wifi? Detailed instructions A-Z 21102022

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Basically, a router is connected to an internet source such as a computer or a phone and then connected to each of the devices in your household. These devices are called clients or computers; they act as servers for the data you want to share on the Wifi network. These clients can be controlled using software called Air Switch. This limits how long a particular device can stay online at any given time without needing a reboot. Clients can be restricted to between 3-12 hours online at once without needing a reboot. Alternatively, clients can be limited to between 2-6 hours online without needing a reboot. Clempted settings can also be changed so that clients always need to reboot when they go online for more than 3 hours at a time.

How to mac filter wifi most detailed

Clients are also limited by creating specific user accounts for various devices. Each account is assigned a unique password which allows you to limit what apps each account can use internetwise. This is great for households with children who need separate accounts for gaming and social media use. Each account can only have certain apps installed; this prevents one account from being compromised and used by multiple kids at once. Alternatively, you could limit how long each app runs on the account before it needs to close down and restart its processes. This prevents one account from being compromised by using malware to generate false app store ratings and download apps without the owner’s knowledge.


Wifi filtering is an excellent feature that can keep your family safe from online safety issues and Limit how much time your devices spend online without needing to physically restrict access to the internet source device itself. It’s also useful for households with children who are prone to using their internet access incorrectly.

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