How to fix dead pixels on iphone? Detailed instructions

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How to fix dead pixels on iphone?

Dead pixels are screen defects that render a screen unreadable due to missing or dead pixels. They can be frustrating to deal with and are usually the result of damage to the screen’s hardware. Some people prefer to DIY their way out of this problem by attempting solutions that can be dangerous or ineffective. However, there are ways to fix dead pixels on an iPhone that don’t involve replacing your screen.

Detailed instructions How to fix dead pixels on iphone

The first thing to try is to adjust the screen brightness. This can sometimes fix a dead pixel without having to do any other damage repair. If the pixel doesn’t go away, however, your next step should be to take your phone to an Apple Store for professional repair. Sometimes simply going through these steps will get you back to normal in a jiffy.

How to fix dead pixels on iphone? Detailed instructions

Note How to fix dead pixels on iphone

If that doesn’t work, you can use a specialized app to fix dead pixels. There are several apps available for this purpose, but one of the best is called RedPixx. This free app from RedFixx fixes dead pixels in a few easy steps. You apply a special glue on the affected areas and let the glue cure for about 30 seconds. The affected pixels will then go away and never show up again on your screen. Plus, RedFixx is completely free and can be downloaded from the App Store without paying anything.

Another DIY fix involves covering the phone with a case or another material so that dead pixels are less visible. This is commonly referred to as ‘bezel-less’ phones, since it eliminates the space around the screen’s edges. You could also consider adding a metal frame or attaching an invisible shield onto your phone’s body. Neither of these looks good and will only draw attention to the dead pixels on your screen. A case or other cover is usually sufficient when covering dead pixels on an iPhone.

Fixing dead pixels can be challenging since it involves hardware damage. If you do any of these DIY methods and break your phone, you’ll have major problems getting it fixed or replaced. It’s probably better to take your phone to an Apple Store for repairs instead of trying DIY solutions at home.

Some people prefer not to DIY their way out of dead pixel problems because certain fixes make their phones look unprofessional or unattractive. For example, some people prefer adding a metal frame around their phone’s body because it makes their phone less flat and sleek looking than it already is. Adding a notch would also make your phone look like it has an extra cutout on top of its screen

Dead pixel fixes are often ineffective since they only cover part of the problem area on your screen. This means that you’ll still have dead pixels in other areas of your screen where there is no spare hardware space on your phone’s body.

Some DIY fixes can damage your phone and make it unusable if you’re not careful with your DIY projects. For example, covering a phone with tape over a panel may cause permanent damage if you pull too hard or don’t position things properly when applying pressure


Dead pixel problems are very common and are usually caused by damage to your phone’s circuitry board . Although there are many methods for fixing them, some methods can be dangerous or ineffective and may even damage your phone beyond repair . It’s best to take your phone to an Apple Store for professional repairs instead of trying DIY methods at home instead .

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