Guide How to windows 7 to windows 10 most detailed

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How to windows 7 to windows 10?

When Microsoft unveiled Windows 10, many users were excited to see what the new operating system had to offer. However, some users were concerned about the drastic changes that Windows 10 brought about. For example, some users felt that Microsoft made a mistake in calling the new OS ‘Windows 10’ instead of ‘Windows 9’ or ‘Windows 8.2.’ Others were disappointed that certain features from Windows 8 were not included in Windows 10. By switching to Windows 10, you can reap all the benefits of a newer operating system while avoiding unnecessary problems.

Guide How to windows 7 to windows 10 most detailed

The new start menu in Windows 10 is a vast improvement over the one in Windows 7. Previously, Microsoft had been experimenting with an all-in-one start menu for a few years before releasing a refined version of it in Windows 7. When users switched to Windows 10, they immediately noticed the difference thanks to their upgraded Start Menu. The Start Menu now functions more like the side menu that it was originally based on. By default, it only displays app and system menus when you choose the All Apps option. You can easily customize this menu and make it your own by adding or removing apps from it and rearranging them on the fly. The new start menu also features live tiles for quick access to frequently used programs or files. You can even set up multiple desktops in order to organize your apps and files into separate sections for easier access. Compared to the old start menu, Windows 10 makes accessing programs and files much easier and faster than before.

Guide How to windows 7 to windows 10 most detailed

Note How to windows 7 to windows 10

Upgrading to Windows 10 also opens up access to a range of new features, such as Cortana and contactless payment system for stores such as Starbucks. These added features make upgrading to Windows 10 worth it even if you’re not using it for its Start Menu. For example, Cortana can be used for reminders, finding directions and setting calendar appointments. Also, the contactless payment system eliminates the need for credit cards or cash-counting at stores such as Starbucks. Although these features are great additions, they aren’t necessary when upgrading from older versions of Windows since older versions already have most of these features preinstalled. By upgrading to Windows 10, you’re getting a whole host of benefits without having to pay extra for them since it’s included in every copy of Windows 10.

Guide How to windows 7 to windows 10 most detailed

Switching over to Windows 10 is also a viable option because it’s free for users with genuine copies of Windows 7 and 8.1. This means that there is no need to purchase new hardware or software when upgrading your OS if you already have an appropriate machine or device for this process. Also, many devices are compatible with both versions of Windows 7 and 8 so there is no need to buy two different devices just so you can switch between them easily when needed. Since switching is free and easy, many people opt to do this instead of purchasing a brand new device just so they can upgrade their OS easily.

Guide How to windows 7 to windows 10 most detailed

Some people prefer using the old start menu from Windows 7 over the newer version from 10. For example, some users prefer using the classic desktop interface since it’s easier for them to use than the new one with its live tiles. They also feel that using older computers makes using Windows 10 more worthwhile since older computers don’t support as many modern features as newer computers do.

Guide How to windows 7 to windows 10 most detailed

Others are disappointed that certain features from Windows 8 (such as the Action Center) did not make it into Windows 10 when Microsoft skipped over number 9 to call the new OS ’10’ instead of ‘9 or ‘8.2’ since we will still be stuck with 8 for years yet despite how great everything else about 8 was!

Many users are unhappy with Microsoft’s push to move everyone to Windows 10 since they feel that the company is too controlling and should leave users alone when it comes down to choosing their preferred operating system. In addition, they don’t agree with Microsoft’s decision to force everyone onto their proprietary platform by making it impossible for non-Microsoft apps to function properly on their devices- even if those apps are free!


Microsoft made some mistakes with how they marketed and advertised their latest operating system release but these mistakes shouldn’t overshadow how great Windows 10 really is overall once you take into account all its features and benefits for users and developers alike! To learn more about this operating system, check out our review here!

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